The Art of Petticoat Punishment by Carole Jean

Part 80a - Chrissy


Here are a few words to accompany my drawings.  As you can see I am interested in a female conspiracy to petticoat certain males, in particular the vulnerable husband.  Secrecy is important, as the threat of discovery is part of the power of the conspiracy.  From the female point of view the power of controlling a husband in skirts and from the husband’s point of view the shame of being petticoated and of course secretly enjoying the process . . .

A group of women have organized themselves into a petticoating group with the intention of petticoating a couple of husbands.  The men are already in thrall to their wives.  Their wives manipulate them with the way they dress.  For instance, there is the husband who will do anything for his wife when she wears stockings.  The wives exploit their intimacy with their husbands by encouraging them to relate their fantasies and indulging them.  One husband fantasizes about being in a room with group of women without his trousers.  He loves his wife to sternly order him to remove them.  The men are helpless to resist this approach and unaware of the web of power into which they are being drawn.  At the moment they think that the things described above are private matters, little realizing that their foibles are regularly discussed with great hilarity amongst this petticoating coven.

The women decide to stage a sort of petticoating coup when their victims will be completely petticoated and presented to a meeting of women interested in gaining power and influence through feminizing their men folk.  They choose October 14th, the birthday of Baroness Thatcher, the “Iron Lady”, who is one of their heroes.  The ladies call their victims “Maggie’s’ Girls”.


On the given day the trap is sprung.  The trouser less husband does indeed find himself in a room full of women brandishing female clothes while the stocking enthusiast is seduced into trying on a pair of nylons and then ambushed by another group who quickly complete his en femme dress.  Their weaknesses have been exploited and they can’t do anything about their predicament.  They plead and whimper while the ladies give brisk instructions about dressing along with a helping hand followed by a more seductive encouragement about the pleasurable sensations of their new garments.  “Doesn’t your slip feel delicious,” says one, while another describes the delight of wearing nylons.



They are on the slippery slope to being totally petticoated and the next stage involves being forced to attend the meeting of petticoating wives.  Their first step outdoors while dressed is very nerve wracking but their determined wives will have no dithering and off they go to meet their fate.  However the tickly sensation of the lacy hem of a slip, the tug of suspender on nylon stocking and the wonderful hug of a foundation garment is beginning to work its magic.  Even in such threatening circumstances the naughtiness of being forced to cross dress has excited the men and the power of the women is even more thrilling than ever.


They are presented at the meeting to the whooping hilarity of the assembled women.  The women can’t resist teasing and humiliating the feminized husbands and instead of an orderly discussion on the benefits of petticoating the meeting becomes a witches Sabbath of derision and humiliation.  Ladies underwear is brandished by some women as symbols of female power while others proceed to tear up items of male clothing that belong to the victims.